February 9, 2015

About Online Membership

Membership in Clan Carmichael USA (CCUSA) is open to all persons having the surname Carmichael, or having family members or ancestors so named, and includes their children. Membership is also open to all persons having an interest in the history and heritage of the name Carmichael, and in supporting the purposes of the organization. Your CCUSA membership includes a subscription to the Eagle Gate newsletter.

Membership Options for CCUSA:

$10 – Annual Clan Carmichael USA “E-Membership”

$20 – Annual Clan Carmichael USA membership

Membership for Clan Carmichael International:

Membership in Clan Carmichael International, Chief Richard’s clan organization, can purchased separately at the following link:  Carmichael Estate – Clan Membership

Application, Payment, and form for mail-in application:

Download the application below and and follow the instructions.

Clan Carmichael USA 2019 Membership Application *

If you have any problems, please let us know!