June 16, 2013


Membership in Clan Carmichael USA is open to all persons having the surname Carmichael, or having family members or ancestors so named, and includes their children. Membership is also open to all persons having an interest in the history and heritage of the name Carmichael, and in supporting the purposes of the organization.

Clan Carmichael USA Membership Benefits:

  • 12 Month Subscription to the Eagle Gate Newsletter
  • Members news bulletins and announcements
  • Notification of clan events, officer elections, Scotland Gatherings, etc.
  • Voting privileges to elect nominees to the Board of Directors

CCUSA + Clan Carmichael International Membership:

A combination membership is offered which bundles both CCUSA and International memberships. The International membership is Chief Richard’s Clan Carmichael organization; click on Chief Richard’s web site for more information. Memberships in the International organization alone are not available on this site, but are available at the link above. The combination membership is offered  as a convenience to CCUSA members who wish to join both organizations.

Membership Cost:

Clan Carmichael USA (CCUSA):   $20.00

CCUSA + International:   $48.00

How to Apply for Membership:

Decide which of the above memberships you want, then choose one of the two application options below to join, and click on the link:

1. Apply Online:

Register Online Here

2. Apply By US Mail:

Download one of these applications and follow the instructions.

MS Word Application

Adobe PDF Application *

*Requires Adobe Reader. Get it here.