June 16, 2013



Clan Carmichael is now accepting applications for a $1000 scholarship award in 2019. See details below.


In its role as a charitable and educational organization, Clan Carmichael USA periodically offers scholarship grants for studies or research at accredited four-year universities. Preference is given for curriculums related to Scottish heritage and culture. To apply, download and print a scholarship application by clicking on the link at the bottom of this section, then complete the form and mail it to:

Arthur Carmichael

CCUSA Scholarship Chair

261 Covington Rd

Los Altos, CA 94024


Scholarship Application (PDF)


Questions? e-mail scholarship@clancarmichael.com for more information.


2006 Scholarship Award Winner

This year’s $1000 Clan Carmichael USA scholarship was awarded to Susanna Guffey of Wilton, Connecticut.  She is the granddaughter of a clan member, Suzanne Carmichael Horton.
Susanna missed most all of her 8th grade and sophomore years battling Lyme disease.  But she persevered, worked very hard, and graduated on time with her class.  She started as a freshman this year at New York University studying drama.

Acceptance to such a competitive program takes a strong record of pertinent extracurricular work – and Susanna has it.  While in high school she was in the Little Theatre Company for 4 years, did 4 years in Theatre Tech Work, and was Vice President of the Creative Writing Club.  She also did volunteer service at Passport Camps, Graffiti Missions, and a youth group.  She did all of this while working extra hard on her academics that she had missed with illness.

Susanna writes, “Acting is my passion and love and I have spent more time building sets, running lines, on running crew, managing spotlights, and putting makeup an both Jets and Sharks, than I have spent on any other endeavor.”  She continues, “The last I ever thought would be in my mailbox would be the oversized, stuffed envelope with the New York University insignia.  Still, the idea of where I will be attending in the fall is not something I fathom, even as I schedule my classes and register of a dorm room in Union Square, it seems unreal.”