June 16, 2013

Clan Goods

Clan Carmichael USA has several items to purchase like Hats, to T-shirts to Genealogy books.  Please check out the goods available in the catalog.


Clan Carmichael USA Goods Catalog  (PDF file, requires free Adobe Reader)
Clan Carmichael USA Clan Goods Order Form
In order to purchase Clan Carmichael goods, please follow these steps:
1. Download the Clan Goods Catalog and the Clan Goods Order Form:  Clan Goods Order Form (PDF file, requires free Adobe Reader)
2. Select the items from the catalog that you would like to order and write them on the Clan Goods Order Form.
3. Contact Adele Carmichael (her contact info is on the bottom of the Clan Goods Order Form) to make sure those items are available.
4. Once Adele has confirmed that she has the items you wish to purchase, you can either scan and email the complete order form or just send it off to her using regular mail service.
  • Option 1:  You can either pay with a check (include this when you mail Adele the order form)
  • Option 2:   Pay using paypal
Questions? e-mail pinkequipoise{at]gmail.com for more information.