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The Clan Carmichael is a Proud Scottish Clan whose lands still exist today.
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Clan Carmichael USA is a Scottish-American clan society of persons bearing the ancient name of Carmichael, or who have relatives or ancestors so named, or who are members of Carmichael families, or are persons interested in the heritage and history of the Carmichael name which originated in the 11th century. Clan Carmichael USA is an IRS authorized 501(C)(3) organization (i.e., we are a not-for-profit, charitable, and educational organization). Clan Carmichael USA is allied with Clan Carmichael International in Scotland for social gatherings, family connections, and historical and genealogical explorations – and for fun! Nominal membership dues are charged, and dues and donations are tax deductible. Officers, Board members, and committee members are unpaid volunteers.

Clan Carmichael USA

The Clan Carmichael USA is lead by the following Board Members.

Mike Carmichael

Mike Carmichael. Born Arthur Commons Carmichael III in San Francisco, Ca. Son of Arthur Commons Carmichael Jr. and Jean Heard Carmichael of Los Altos, CA. Graduate of USC, married Laurel MacTavish, children Ainsley and Graeson. They reside in San Jose, CA. Mike is a pilot for United Airlines and was Chairman of the CCUSA Scholarship Committee for over 10 years.

Ben Delirosa

Vice President